Maximum number of jobs already in queue

When submitting a qsub command you receive following error:

qsub: submit error (Maximum number of jobs already in queue for user MSG=total number of current user's jobs exceeds the queue limit: user, queue interactive)

Reason:  You already have the maximum number of jobs running for that queue.  If you don't intentionally have jobs running, you can terminate a job by following the steps below:

1.  Enter qstat -u <username>  (e.g. qstat -a -u goldy where goldy is my username)
2.  You'll get a list of your running jobs and the Job ID will look something like
3.  Enter qdel <Job ID> (e.g. qdel 9999 where 9999 is the numbered part of my Job ID)

Try starting a new job and it should now work.  There can sometimes be a brief delay so if it doesn't work right away, give it a minute and try again.