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What is LATIS?

LATIS provides liberal arts-specific expertise, facilities, and technology services to support the innovative work of the CLA community. We further the college’s mission by partnering with faculty, staff, and students to enhance learning, advance research and creative work, and improve processes.

Enhancing Learning

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We believe that technology can and does greatly enhance the learning experience—bringing concepts and curricula to life in new ways. Our team serves your instructional needs, whether you are teaching in-person, online, or somewhere in between. We are eager to engage in creative thinking that systematically links ideas and technology to improve the teaching and learning environments. LATIS exists to assist CLA faculty to link ideas with practice and deliver knowledge in the most innovative and effective ways. Our goal is to keep CLA competitive in its use and implementation of instructional technologies, and our solutions can be tailored to all stages of the instructional design process. Implicit in our vision is a foundation of broad, open communication style. 

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Advancing Research and Creative Work

From grant proposals through presentation of results and long-term preservation, we are committed to advancing research and creative excellence in the College of Liberal Arts. With a high level of expertise in research methodology, our staff can assist with nearly every step of the research process. 

https://sites.google.com/a/umn.edu/latis-copy/research-support/data-managementSocial Sciences 

LATIS provides discipline-specific support for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research in the social sciences.  Our staff hold advanced degrees in social science disciplines and can assist throughout the research lifecycle. We offer support from initial grant proposals and human subjects protocols through instrument design, experiment programming, participant recruitment strategies, technologically-assisted data collection and management, analysis, and consultation on dissemination and long-term preservation. 

Arts and Humanities 

LATIS supports research and creative work in the arts and humanities in a variety of different ways. We have extensive experience designing and developing digital humanities projects, and we can assist with project proposals and designs. We offer a wide array of services to capture and preserve the creative output of scholars across the arts disciplines.

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Improving Process

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Efficient processes help everyone succeed at the University of Minnesota.  LATIS employs experts to help aid departments in their endeavors to improve their processes, whether through use of technology, or simply by helping to understand and visualize current processes to identify areas that could run more smoothly.