Infrastructure for Learning FAQ

How will this funding program be successful?
    - Units with significant technology infrastructure will collaborate through joint planning, sharing best practices, and problem solving to provide quality services within a restricted budget.
    - College leadership will provide priorities to guide the work of the committee.
    - The college will seek to leverage University and other external resources before spending limited college funds.

Who are the members of the review committee?
  • Sean Burns, Departmental Consultant, LATIS
  • Anika Carlsted, Asst Dir Fac/Cap Planning, Fiscal
  • Carla Bates, End User Support 2 Supervisor, Psychology
  • Charles Bottemiller, Design & Installation, Office of Classroom Management
  • Edward Carney, PhD, Research Associate, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
  • Scott Dierks, Systems Administrator, School of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Seth Mayotte, Information Technology Professional, Statistics 
  • Colin McFadden, Technology Architect, LATIS
  • Diane Rackowski, Technical Coordinator, Language Center
  • Sonja Peterson, Research Technician/Technology Administrator, Art
  • Christopher Stordalen, Assistant Director, LATIS
  • Joel Turbes, Infrastructure Coordinator, LATIS

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Questions about the Infrastructure for Learning Funding Program?