Social and Behavioral Sciences Laboratory

Located in Anderson Hall on the West Bank, the Social and Behavioral Science Laboratory (SBSL) computer lab is a stable and dedicated environment of 40 workstations for research use by your IRB-approved projects. The lab is suitable to explore any treatment administered by computer to human participants. You are invited to contact us early your research design to explore the advantages of our lab.

Features of the SBSL:
  • 36-station controlled environment computer lab
  • Custom-designed privacy carrels 
  • Support for precision timing/display tasks and real-time group interactions
  • Support for software including Inquisit, z-Tree, MatLab, PsychoPy, E-Prime
  • Separate waiting and instruction rooms

Researchers can request time in the lab by: 

Phone: 612-625-2064
(We promise, we're monitoring this address!)
Office: 174 Anderson Hall