Deleting jobs on compute.cla

Deleting Jobs on compute.cla (LATIS Compute Cluster)

To see the status of your job, enter the following at the command prompt from a second ssh session to compute.cla:

    user@compute:~$ qstat -a

The result will look something like the following:

                                                                                                                                                        Req'd         Elap

Job ID                         Username    Queue    Jobname      SessID  NDS   TSK   Memory    Time     S   Time

-----------------------          -----------        --------    ---------------- ------      -----    ------ ---------     ---------  -    ---------

9876.compute.cla.umn.e    user    batch    myjob.pbs    60476      1      2      8gb         1:00:00  R    0:00:10

If you submit a job and decide that you want to stop it before it finishes, you can use the “qdel” command followed by one or more job IDs to delete your job(s). For example, to delete the job that was listed in the qstat output above:

    user@compute:~$ qdel 9876

If you have a number of jobs running and want to delete them all, rather than specifying each job ID individually, you can just do a “qdel all” to delete all of your jobs. This will delete only the jobs that you own but leave all other jobs intact.

Deleting Jobs in a Job Array

To delete jobs in a job array, use qdel with the “-t” option. For example, if the job ID for your job array is 9876:


To delete a single job:  

    user@compute:~$ qdel 9876[1]


To delete job 1 and jobs 3-5 from the array:

    user@compute:~$ qdel -t 1,3-5 9876[]

To delete the entire array of jobs:

    user@compute:~$ qdel 9876[]