Connecting via SSH

In most cases, we recommend connecting to our systems via and the NoMachine client.  There are cases, however, when you may just want to SSH to a Linux host.  While SSH may be available on other hosts, here is the list of servers where we maintain SSH service:

SSH client software known to work well

  • Putty for Windows
  • Built-in client in OS X


  • Host/Server Name: or
  • Port: 22 (this is the default)
  • username:  your x.500 username
  • password:  your x.500 password

If you've never connected to either server before you your SSH client may warn that the host key is not known to it.  If you trust that you are connecting to the right address, it's safe to accept it.  If it changes unexpectedly you may wish to contact us to verify that it is an expected change.