Data Management

By strategically thinking about how you will organize, store, document, and protect your data throughout a project, you can:

  • Save time by making it easier to search for and understand materials from former projects.
  • Avoid loss of access to data or materials due to obsolescence of certain file formats.
  • Meet requirements for grant funded projects.
  • Meet requirements of journals, many of which have or are adopting policies that require open access to the data/materials underlying a publication.
  • Support the reproducibility of your work by increasing accessibility to your materials.

We offer data management consultation and services to help researchers:

  • Prepare Data Management Plans (DMP). We can help you create a plan to manage your data across the entire duration of your research project and meet the requirements for grant-specific DMPs. 
  • Securely Store Data. We can help you identify appropriate tools for your data storage, sharing, or computing needs, including estimating cost and setting up customized solutions. 
  • Manage Data. We offer consultation on best practices for managing your data from planning to collection to analysis to long-term preservation.
  • Prepare Data for Sharing or Preservation. Don't let data from past projects decay on your hard-drives! We can help you create a codebook for your dataset, de-identify your data for sharing, and, in partnership with the University Libraries, help you choose the best outlets for sharing and preserving your data or materials.
Graphic of data lifecycle

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