Digital Content Library - Get started!

The Digital Content Library (DCL) hosts nearly 300,000 learning objects from many different disciplines in image, video, and audio formats. The objects come from a variety of sources including purchased and licensed; research materials and donations; and copy stand photography. 

LATIS provides designated team of experts to all CLA faculty, instructors, and departments to scan, catalog, and archive (long-term storage) teaching and research materials in audio, video, and image formats.

Access to the online collections is available to all University faculty, students, and staff. There are different levels of access based on these groups:

  • Everyone has access to thumbnails and the cataloging information.
  • Undergraduates and staff have access to audio and the smaller sizes of images (screen) and video.
  • Faculty and graduate students have access to the larger images (projection) and video.

  • Most items are password protected because of copyright considerations. These materials must be used for educational purposes only. Please view the DCL copyright information or contact the DCL at for more information.