audio board, videographer shooting video, faculty showing student how to use camera.
Media Services

Media Services encompasses CLA's Digital Content Library (DCL) and the production space to support, facilitate, and encourage the academic use of video within CLA. 

Media Services provides the College of Liberal Arts with solutions for all stages of the media process - from start to finish. We meet you where you are by providing expertise, resources, guidance and training. Media Services offers consultation, studio space, audio/video production equipment, computer labs with post-production software, digitizing, archiving and sharing of teaching and research materials, and video creation. These resources and services are used for classrooms, teaching, media enhanced learning, research, student projects, promotion, community engagement, innovation, and more.

CLA Video Services provides production and post-production equipment and spaces, and is a source for media-related resources, technical knowledge and assistance. Find out more by visiting the specific areas of interest: Laptop Loaner, Equipment Checkout, Studios, Video Production Services, or Additional Campus Resources.

The Digital Content Library (DCL) hosts learning objects from many different disciplines in image, video, and audio formats. Access to the online collections is available to all University faculty, students, and staff.

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