How to Apply


  • Completed proposal by March 2, 2018 (including a form completed by your department chair)
  • Consultation with LATIS: request by February 16, 2018

Submitting your proposal

Proposals are submitted online, and are due March 2, 2018. Proposals may be submitted any time during the period December 4, 2017 - March 2, 2018. 

To learn about proposal instructions and our criteria for evaluation, view or download the Academic Innovation Grants Proposal overview. The document is for your reference only.

When you follow the link to create your proposal, you will be prompted to create an account. You may save drafts of your proposal, so there is no need to write up the entire proposal before you complete the form. You will receive email confirmations when you have completed the required consultation and have submitted the form. If you have questions or encounter any issues while completing the proposal form, please contact us. 


A consultation with a LATIS is required, and will involve a meeting of one hour or less. Your proposal need not be complete, but you should be able to explain the basic parameters of your project. You will meet with a LATIS staff member who will be able to provide guidance on your project. Be sure to request your consultation sooner rather than later. Consultations must be completed by February 23, 2018.

The purpose of the consultation is to ensure that

  • your project meets the basic criteria of the grant, 
  • you have identified all the resources needed for completing your project
  • your project is feasible, given resources, people and timelines
  • to determine if any of the resources required are already available through collegiate or central support. 

To request a consultation, email If you submit your proposal without having completed the consultation, we will contact you. You will receive confirmation once you have completed this requirement.  

If you have questions, email