Proposal Criteria

The committee will evaluate your proposal based on the following questions. View or download Academic Innovation Grants Proposal Criteria for more detailed information. 
  • In what ways is your project innovative (use of technology, approach to teaching and learning)?
  • Does the proposal solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity at the intersection of student needs, faculty interests, department goals, and college priorities?
  • Will the proposal have a positive impact on teaching and learning?
  • How will students will benefit from a successful proposal?
  • Is the chosen technology well suited to project goals and objectives?
  • Does the proposal include an effective plan to evaluate the success of the project?
  • If successful, will the proposal be replicable by others or contribute to the development of solutions that can be used by others?
  • Does the proposal include a detailed and well-justified budget?

What you can request through your proposal

In scope

  • Equipment and software licenses to be used by students or instructors in the classroom.
  • Equipment and software licenses used to develop new or improved methods and materials for instructional use both in and out of the classroom.
  • Training for grant recipients that is not available through campus resources
  • Wages for student assistants (undergraduate or graduate) to create technology-enhanced resources that service multiple courses or a large population of students.

Out of scope

  • Hardware replacement or other recurring funding for previously-awarded grants.
  • Computer labs (see the Infrastructure for Learning Program).
  • Permanent staff or supplements to staff salaries (include such requests as part of the CLA budgeting process).

If you have questions, email