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Funding and Resources

LATIS provides funding for Infrastructure, fostering Initiatives that elevate student education, and managing technology enhanced learning Services. These four quadrants will help identify the best ways to assist faculty, departments, and the college to advance our common goals

  This process requires us to make requests for services, submit proposals for grants, make plans for infrastructure, and charter initiatives.  


Have an innovative idea on how you could improve your course but need some funds to purchase equipment or hire a student assistant? The Academic Innovation Grants exists to encourage faculty and department innovation in teaching and learning through the application of instructional technology. Faculty and instructors submit proposals that are reviewed by the Academic Innovation Committee in spring semester. This committee will review new or innovative proposals. Application window open mid-December to early March. Awards announced mid-May.

Learn more about the Academic Innovation Grants and how to apply, plus see descriptions of past recipient projects.


Need an equipment upgrade or recurring funding? The Infrastructure for Learning Program oversees the long-term evolution and maintenance of the inventory of instructional infrastructure in CLA. Departments submit plans that are reviewed by the Infrastructure for Learning Committee in spring semester. This committee maintains inventory and reviews department plans for upgrades and new facilities. Application window open July 5, 2017 to September 29, 2017. Awards announced late January 2018.

Learn more about the Infrastructure for Learning and how to apply. Also find out how funding impacts current funding recipients.


What about bigger ideas? The college is reserving some resources to pursue high-priority and large-scale initiatives. These projects could develop out of college priorities, successful department programs, and/or significant changes in student needs. Successful innovation grants can be the seeds that grow into these larger efforts. Try new things, share success stories, and help us find the best initiatives that will move the college forward.